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Youngblood Brass Band frequently conducts workshops/masterclasses around the world while on tour, at schools, institutions, universities, and for professional music ensembles. These workshops range from New Orleans brass band history, to modern improvisation, to composition, to giving specific consultation to existing ensembles, and these workshops are tailored to the needs of the audience/ensemble. They can be general-assembly style (a performance-lecture with explanations of songs between), focus on any individual aspects of music-making (critiquing and helping an ensemble to better approach their material), and many times include teaching a simple New Orleans brass band classic by rote and then performing the tune with the attendees. Contact us for details!


There is a video of a workshop for purchase here, which includes a talk on Brass Band history, different roles of the instruments in the band, techniques/rhythms in terms of style, Q&A, and teaching a New Orleans tune by rote (with play-along at the end), all for only $15, which is perfect for educators and online learning. We also have a broader range of educationally specific videos available, which for only $20 includes short lessons from every band member, conversations about composing, and an additional workshop:

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